Big Brother 16 Updates "Frankie Explains Kabbalah" 1:00 am BBT, Monday, 7-14-14 #BB16 #BBLF

July 14, 2014 8:44 AM

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Patio: Christine says all Victoria ever talks about is how people are always stealing her stuff. Frankie says all the girls are going to self-destruct. Christine says I hope so. Frankie says they already are. He says they tried to get everyone to change their votes to keep Paola so it would be 6-6 and Devin would break the tie. He says that means they will still try to keep Devin. It won't work though, because Derrick is against it. But he was for keeping Zach.

HOH: Derrick talking about how he believes Devin is being portrayed as the villian this season. He says I'm sure in the next few days you're going to hear rumors of Caleb working with different people... and Devin will be the source of that rumor. I don't blame him, why not go out mixing it up, t...

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