The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco Has Gone Cuckoo

November 25, 2014 4:45 PM

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The Big Bang Theory was my favorite show on television. But it's not just me - besides Sunday Night Football on NBC, it was the Number 1 scripted show last week. And I mean Number 1 by a landslide. Like many viewers, I did not watch it at first, but have caught up in syndication. I guess the show spoke to me because I hit all the criteria that it's made for: I'm a nerd who would totally be enamored with the gorgeous blonde who lived next door. The show made total sense to me and I loved every minute of it... until this season. It started when Kaley Cuoco got married. Changing your name on a sitcom that will live in reruns forever looks real stupid when you get divorced. Ask Courtney Cox how she feels about seeing her now ex-husband's name next to hers every single solitary hour of the day on television. It's lovely that Cuoco is so giddy to make the change, but the inside word is now her marriage to Ryan Sweeting is crumbling, which would make this the classic blunder of all time (replacing never start a land war in Asia). If they get divorced, especially only after a year, for the rest of eternity on TBS she will continue to relive the big mistake she made in front of the entire world. Yipes.

But here's the worst part for us fans. And when I say us fans, I guess I mean mainly men. The cutting of the hair. Yes, this may seem awfully sexist but a man likes what he likes. The entire series is based on a big, busty, beautiful blonde spacy actress who for some reason in this universe is attra...

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