‘Big Bang Theory’ recap: Mystery bully haunts Sheldon

February 6, 2015 8:25 AM

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‘Big Bang Theory’ recap: Mystery bully haunts Sheldon

Sheldon and company learned all about the evils of the Internet tonight. It started after Leonard proposed a new theory to Sheldon, who takes the idea and runs with it, staying up all night to write a paper. Afterwards he is of course calling it “their idea” and suggesting they publish it to ensure that they’re the ones credited for the discovery. The guys receive plenty of positive feedback, but it only takes one negative comment for Sheldon to get worked up.

Ignoring the anonymous, hateful comments posted by idiots online is generally Internet 101, but Sheldon just can’t shake his feelings and before long finds himself feuding with the Internet troll who has begun ripping them apart. Leonard explains that the only people who do this sort of thing are co...

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