Bibi, Kulanu (All of Us) and Voting in My First Israeli Election

March 13, 2015 1:47 AM

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This Tuesday, I along with almost 5.9 million eligible Israeli adults will be voting for the 20th Knesset. This will be my first time voting as an Israeli citizen after making aliyah nearly 7 months ago. At first I was very excited to vote and fulfill my civic duty, but then I quickly realized “I don’t know who to vote for?” There are 26 parties running in the election with only about 11 parties likely to pass the required minimum of 3.5% of the vote to get into the Knesset. The parties then form coalitions to form the next government which will either re-elect Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu of the Likud Party or a rotation of Isaac “Bojie” Herzog and Tsipi Livni from the Zionist Camp.

So who do I vote for in this all important election that has worldwide implications and everyone’s attention? Hmmm Let us talk “tachles”-keeping it real. The election is really about whether Bibi should be re-elected to another term as Prime Minister. Now there are things I like about Bibi and thin...

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