With A Bibbidi And A Bobbidi, Cinderella Improves Upon A Classic!

March 14, 2015 5:28 AM

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I don't consider myself a fan of Disney princess movies. They're nice, sure, but they're not exactly directed towards my particular market. I'm also not a big fan of reboots or remakes. Ironic, I know, considering that's all everything is these days. And lastly, I am a huge disbeliever of live-action re-tellings of originally animated movies. Oddly enough, Cinderella is all three! Surely I should be protesting this movie, and honestly, that's what I did when I first heard of it. I was completely against this movie! I thought it was pointless for Disney to spend time and money on a film that had already been done before. And not only that, but it's a film with a fairy tale story that EVERYONE has heard of time and time again!

So what changed my mind? Well actually, the first trailer. I didn't know what it was about that trailer that made me want to see it. I mean, it had all three of my personal "no-no's"! And yet, I felt compelled to actually anticipate it.

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