Beverly Hills Mansion With a Candy Room: An Intercultural Perspective

January 5, 2015 8:42 PM

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One of the most frequent intercultural communication issues that I encounter in my work with European-American teams is centered around the judgement vs. opinion debate. To describe it briefly: Many Europeans often use sarcastic language when they talk about other people's actions or habits, while Americans tend to label that kind of talk as judgmental. In response, Europeans either feel confused and intimidated, either respond back, offended, that they are not judgmental, but just expressing their opinion.

At a Christmas Day brunch I had a chance to observe this issue live, during a discussion around a Mashable article titled, "Minecraft creator beats out Beyonce for $70M Beverly Hills mansion." While looking at the pictures, two of my friends (Francois, who is French, and Dan, who is Romanian) starte...

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