Better Off Dead

September 9, 2014 1:34 PM

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The best thing that can really be said about ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is that it’s certainly a fitting finale for Teen Wolf‘s fourth season, which has been little more than a web of cheesy lines and slow-mo fight scenes stretched out over a gaping chasm of plot holes. There have been plenty of ideas vaguely thrown into the mix – everything from magical Aztec ruins to a 1970s computer generating a hitlist of supernatural creatures – but since almost none of it has been explained (and the things that have been explained don’t make any sense), it’s been difficult to get particularly invested in season 4′s hodgepodge of a plot.

Taking away the award for the most criminally under-explained story arc of this season is Derek Hale. To recap, Derek was kidnapped by Kate Argent, smuggled into Mexico and placed behind a wall in some ancient Aztec ruins. At some point during this incarceration, he was magically de-aged and turned ...

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