Best of Venice: Theeb Takes the World by (Sand) Storm

September 8, 2014 2:57 PM

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Best of Venice: Theeb Takes the World by (Sand) Storm

I had a very selfish craving for the film Theeb (which means "Wolf" in Arabic) to be good: I like the filmmakers and their crew. I've actually grown very fond of them in the last few days, thanks to a few magical moments spent in their company, in Venice. Also, Theeb is executive produced by Nadine Toukan, who has the Midas touch when it comes to film, it was funded by both SANAD (the funding arm of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival) and the Doha Film Institute -- two stand-up cinematic organizations in the Gulf -- and sold by Fortissimo Films, another personal favorite. Tie it all up with a great team of publicists I enjoy dealing with on a regular basis, and you've got a perfect package.

But then a film has to be good. No wait, it has to be great! And there is nothing worse than watching with big expectations, only to be disappointed. Thankfully, Theeb delivers, in every way, on every level, to every part of me. It is a spectacularly epic film with a wonderfully intimate human story...

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