Best Hanukkah Recipe For Potato Pancakes

December 15, 2014 10:06 PM

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Best Hanukkah Recipe For Potato Pancakes

Hungry during Hanukkah? Pumped for potato pancakes? Love latkes? Alliteration aside, the traditional Jewish food has been eaten during the eight-day winter celebration for centuries. The story goes that in 168 BC, a king captured Israel and readied himself to ruin the Temple in Jerusalem. The Maccabees eventually got control back but only had one day's worth of oil to light the menorah. Somehow, that small amount lasted for eight days -- a miracle and the inspiration for Hanukkah, during which the featured snack is fried potatoes.

1. Use russet potatoes. About a pound should do. Grate them by hand, putting them in a bowl of cold water as you go, Epicurious recommends. Letting them soak will keep the batter from turning brown too fast. When you're finished cutting the potatoes, drain the whole bowl.

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