Bellydancing Gave Her Confidence and a Pain-Free Body | Tim Ranney

February 23, 2015 5:43 PM

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Mention bellydancing to most Americans and they'll envision sultry slave girls in a James Bond movie or sex workers in a tawdry lap dance club. But like most things the Western world has appropriated and perverted into something dirty, sex is not the focus of this ancient art form. Bellydancing was actually born to celebrate spirituality, motherhood, and family, and the incredible healing power of dance. Playing now through March 1st at New York's Theater for the for New City, you can witness one woman's transformation from both debilitating physical injuries and deep emotional insecurities through this multi-dimensional dance. Carol Tandava Henning has created a powerful and extremely funny account in Blood On The Veil which has enchanted both critics and audiences in previous productions. I recently met with her and was spellbound by her personal story and journey to heal herself.

Blood on the Veil is an interesting title. What do the "Blood" and "Veil" refer to?

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