Believe In Marvel? Then Believe In Peyton Reed's Ant-Man

June 8, 2014 7:42 PM

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As perfectly illustrated by the "creative differences" that led to Edgar Wright to leave the Ant-Man, the way projects develop at Marvel Studios is quite a bit different from any other company in Hollywood. The comic book giant has plans for their Marvel Cinematic Universe that extend beyond 2028, and they have strong, internally-created ideas about the steps that will get them there. In order for this to play out, however, what’s needed are filmmakers who have both a great visual and storytelling spark, but are also open to collaboration and working on what is a piece of a much larger puzzle.

The positive news is that in the last few years that studio has stumbled into a goldmine of these kinds of filmmakers, and it’s why the hiring of both Adam McKay and Peyton Reed to take over Ant-Man as writer and director, respectively, makes a lot of sense. So what makes them such a good fit? They ...

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