Being Mindful of 'Good' Judgment

July 14, 2014 9:28 PM

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Being Mindful of 'Good' Judgment

One of the biggest things I've recognized on this path of mindfulness is how judgmental my mind tends to be. It judges people, things, experiences. Basically, whatever it encounters, my mind tends to slap a label on it. And I'm not talking about objective labels here -- I'm talking about the reactive deeming of whatever the object of my mind's attention is as "bad" or "good." "Wrong" or "right." "The worst" or "the best." Or some variation in between.

In my daily life, I've been paying close attention to negative judgments that my mind generates, doing my best to catch them when they arise -- and gently noting them (judging, judging) to help let the judgments go.

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