A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse of The Purge: Anarchy with Actor Zach Gilford

July 20, 2014 4:13 PM

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A: My favorite scene - and this is for selfish reasons -- is this quick little scene in the apartment where Kiele and I are just talking to each other. We shot the movie pretty chronologically and we had been running around, doing all this crazy stuff for forever, and it was towards the end of the actual shoot, and you know, I got to shoot this movie with my wife, which was really fun. And this scene is the first chance we got to take a breath and just sit and act with each other as opposed to just running around together. So it's kind of a special little moment because you don't get to film with your spouse that often but it was also just a feeling of in the mix of making this crazy movie I get to take a beat and say, "Ah, I'm going to act for a minute, I'm going to do a scene." And I thought it really paged a very different scene. And that's another thing that's so great about James. He and I talked about it a little and were like I feel like the scene was written this way, but this is not totally how it was written, but we presented it to him and he said, "Oh my God, you're totally right, that makes the scene so much better." He was always like that, he was so open to making it feel authentic and it shows in the final product. The director, James DeMonaco, was super collaborative and very empowering of everyone, and I think he collaborated with everyone from props to lights to actors. I think everyone really enjoyed working with him.

A: I think it is the same as the first film, which is just a look at how inherent violence is to human nature or not. And I actually think this one has a more positive outlook on human nature because it is about people who band together and put themselves at risk for strangers. They have lots of opp...

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