BeetMoji on the App Store

September 28, 2016 3:10 PM

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BeetMoji on the App Store

Sorry, but deleted in 1 min. It looked cool, but breaks the normal flow of the keyboard. More importantly you have to allow full access to your keyboard. This makes everything you type available to the developer. Also, I didn't like them using Hit Em With The Hein and all the other Howardisms on some of the emojis. If I would've known this I would've not purchased. As a long time Howard fan I find that annoying. The best part is that the $.99 might go to Beet! To be fair the app is functional and the cartoons are well done. If you're ok with having to use another keyboard to type and allowing full access to your keyboard then you might enjoy the app.

Just paid $.99 to get the beetmoji app to support beetlejuice. When I click an emoji and it says copied, I then paste it in the text and it pastes the last thing I copied and not the emoji. Tried every which way to get this to work. Please make sure this app works with latest iOS 10 for iPhone 7 Plu...

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