Beck Albums From Worst To Best

February 21, 2015 12:06 AM

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Beck Albums From Worst To Best

As you might’ve heard, Beck won a Grammy for Album Of The Year about a week and a half ago, for his early 2014 release Morning Phase. I don’t know if your Twitter feed looked anything like mine, but let’s say people were less than supportive of this decision — because, of course, Beck beat Beyoncé, who had released that surprise self-titled album that everyone thought deserved to win. Beck’s win, for a beautiful album that was nevertheless pretty far from his career peak, became the subject of attacks on the Grammys’ conservatism. And, oh yeah, Kanye almost crashed the stage, goofed on himself and his infamous Taylor Swift stage crash, then said he was actually serious in an interview after the ceremony and that “Beck needs to respect artistry and he should’ve given his award to Beyoncé.” This turned into a whole thing, naturally: people calling Kanye an asshole for downplaying Beck’s own artistic merits, people saying Kanye was right and should’ve crashed the stage, some people coming to Beck’s defense, occasionally in ways like this.

Kanye eventually took back his comments to some degree, everybody got to be an artist, happy ending, etc., etc. The weird wrinkle to this whole Grammys saga is that, in online conversation and in Kanye’s comment, Beck’s positioned as the safe, rockist’s choice. And, honestly, he’s seemed to be aging...

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