Is It Because of My Disability?

January 30, 2015 8:40 PM

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When I opened up the email, I eagerly scrolled down to the bottom and came upon the decision: "Not Hired." After countless applications and rejections, I am pretty much numb to this news, and unsurprisingly, my mind flies to the question that my mom would articulate a few minutes later over the phone: "was it because you mentioned your blog?" I discussed my blog post on disability and feminism in the context of the interview, not bluntly disclosing my disability, but it was obvious that the topic was personal. Was it because I acknowledged my disability?

I have been coached throughout my job search to avoid any mention of my disability with potential employers, because, despite the Equal Employment Opportunity statement at the bottom of the jobs page, disability is still seen as a hindrance to employers, one that will diminish their efficiency and f...

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