The Beauty of OB | Shelly Lopez Gray

September 10, 2014 9:34 PM

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The Beauty of OB | Shelly Lopez Gray

You can't be pregnant or take care of pregnant people without hearing the phrase "Go the Full Forty." People everywhere are talking about letting your baby chose their due date, waiting for spontaneous labor and staying healthy during pregnancy. It's difficult for people who don't work in obstetrics to understand what all the fuss is about. The beauty of birth and the beauty of babies creates an illusion of labor and delivery that is blinding. As a labor nurse, every day, we witness this beauty and this is what keeps us coming back day after day. Watching the birth of a baby is sweet and magical and so incredibly special... even after my third delivery of the day, the process still has the ability to take my breath away. When we see a baby born, we observe a flood of emotions from every single person in the room. At that moment, no matter what the situation is, that family's life changes forever. This is why we all want the very best outcome for our moms and babies, and this is what we all fight for.

When there's a medical reason for a woman to be induced, her provider is weighing the risks of induction with the risks of staying pregnant. If a woman's cervix is not "favorable" or "ripe," it means that we will have to do more things to get her cervix to dilate. Every day, a ton of women give birt...

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