Beauty Matters and 7 Drawings That Help Explain Why

June 29, 2014 12:33 PM

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Beauty Matters and 7 Drawings That Help Explain Why

When our children were younger, my husband and I had date night on Sundays. If I was feeling emotional and didn't know why, I would take a drawing pad and colorful pens with me to dinner. In the restaurant, I would draw stick figures to express myself to my husband. I'm joyful about X, upset about Y, conflicted about A, B and C and so on. To his credit, he listened and smiled while I drew. This is when I first learned that I could say a lot with stick figures.

These days, I'm still using drawings to process emotions and counsel myself. Recently, when I sat down with pen in hand, I found that I was writing notes to myself about beauty. My stick figures were giving me messages about the importance of seeing and cherishing beauty in the world.

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