How To Beat A Basilisk In A Fight

July 22, 2014 12:15 PM

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According to legend, the first Basilisk hatched from a serpent egg by a male chicken. While the story is likely apocryphal, the monster itself is quite real. Its serpentine body is approximately fifteen feet long, with four unusable twig-like arms. Despite being called the "serpent king," the basilisk’s head more closely resembles that of the long-extinct dragon. If it attacks you, it will first spit paralyzing venom on you. Once you’re incapacitated, it locks eyes with you. It’s not falling in love -- it’s turning you to stone. If the basilisk is in a hurry, it’s liable to just snap your head off your body with its enormous jaws.

Study "People assume being an archaeologist is like Indiana Jones," University of Colorado professor Harry McColl says. “I used to say it’s more rocks, less whips. Until I unearthed the basilisk in Libya, of course."

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