BDC Now: Nicki Minaj’s New Video is Reminiscent of Nazi Germany

November 10, 2014 5:23 PM

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Trying to get respect as a woman in the rap game is a respectable endeavor until you decide to go and take things to a very weird, Nazi-ish place. See how Nicki Minaj did just that on today's BDC Now, and read more about a rocket-powered bike, the other umbrella revolution of 2014, the plight of local news on a slow day, and why dogs are still the best animals ever.

There isn’t really a definitive guide to how soon is too soon when referencing massive human tragedy, but there are some widely accepted guidelines. For example, most people would probably say that it’s too soon make a music video that’s largely reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Nicki Minaj does not seem...

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