The Basics of Maternal Health: Taking a Stand for Clean Water and Hygiene in Health Facilities

April 9, 2015 1:49 AM

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Imagine you are nine months pregnant, at home, and suddenly feel the first pangs of labor. Your mind starts to race. If you are in the United States, you likely have a plan: you call a loved one and start making your way to the hospital, or you might call your doula or midwife and stay put at home. You are excited, nervous, anxious -- counting the minutes between contractions and the hours until you meet your little one for the first time.

Of all the things on your mind, wondering whether you will have disinfected surfaces and hands, a toilet and emergency services if things take a turn for the worst isn't one of them. Neither is how you are going to collect water to bring to your delivery. Instead, you rest assured knowing that your ...

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