How Ballet Helped Me Heal After I Was Sexually Abused

April 7, 2015 6:59 PM

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How Ballet Helped Me Heal After I Was Sexually Abused

Ballet requires dedication, strength, confidence, bravery, endurance, grace, hope, joy, passion, concentration, memory, self-esteem, flexibility, knowing who you are, critical analysis, adaptability, ability to learn quickly, pain tolerance and eventually, really ugly feet. Sometimes, when I take a step back, I wonder why anyone would put themselves through this, especially girls today. You put on a leotard and tights that reveal your body shape and form completely, move around in front of others and constantly have people tell how you are doing it wrong. Judgment, judgment, judgment. Rejection. Why would anyone put up with that?

I started dancing when I was 11 years old, it was all I wanted for my 11th birthday and I promised my parents I would never ask for an MP3 player or iPhone or even a car ever again if I could start ballet classes. If they couldn't put me in classes because it was too expensive, I asked for ballet in...

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