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March 23, 2014 4:04 AM

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Though I think it really wants to be, Bad Words just isn't all that bad. Not really. Oh, it tries. Jason Bateman's Guy Trilby is a mean-spirited, grade-A prick. And he's got more than a few perfectly timed insults and dirty tricks waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting target. But as Bad Words' opening voice-over narration clues you in, there's something wounded at the heart of Guy's nastiness. Plus, let's face it, Batemen, who embraces his rude and crude character with gusto, is too innately affable to despise. In a world filled with bad Santas, bad teachers and bad grandpas, his foul-mouthed asshole probably comes closer to Cameron Diaz's conniving schoolmarm than Billy Bob Thornton's unrepentantly misanthropic Kris Kringle.

Forty-year-old Guy is an eighth-grade dropout, which allows him to exploit a loophole in the rules for the Golden Quill Spelling Bee's annual competition. A copy editor by trade, Guy uses both psychological warfare and a photographic memory to decimate his underage competition in regional bees, earn...

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