Bacon innovation is down, but certainly not out

October 27, 2015 11:16 AM

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Bacon innovation is down, but certainly not out

Think of bacon as a secret sauce — the one ingredient that could turn just about any banal, run-of-the-mill product into a world-beater. Bacon wasn’t so much a product category as it was a frame of mind. You don’t just bring home the bacon — you fry it up in a pan. Bacon, let’s face it, has innovation sizzle that other food products don’t. And certainly, the type of sizzle that’s hard to replicate with any vegetarian options.

Given that the WHO decision is more of a guideline than an absolute rule and comes with the high probability of a counterattack by the powerful red meat lobby, we’re not likely to see any immediate changes to America’s bacon landscape. The bacon coffee shops will still exist, as will the restaurants...

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