Back Pain and Hernia Gone with New Swiss Implants

January 12, 2015 12:45 AM

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40 should be a fantastic age for both men and women: your life is on track, your purposes got wings and have transformed into facts or gave birth to new purposes. Life is supposed to be at its peak. But there are some things that also start to change and not for the best. Back aches, sudden immobilization of a muscle, not being able to move when you want to get up again after picking up a toy off the floor, and in some rare and unfortunate cases, paralysis. Hernia is also a common word in 40+ conversations between worried people who can’t do much about their symptoms.

Swiss researchers from EPFL have published an article in “Science magazine” claiming that new technologies that use flexible electronic implants promise to cure back pain. Furthermore, the scientists hope that with this kind of apparatus, those who have been paralyzed for a long time can have a chan...

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