The Bachelor Women Told All Tonight, and We Fell In Love In A Way We Never Expected

March 3, 2015 5:05 AM

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With that statement, Ashley S. might have done what we previously thought to be impossible on tonight's Women Tell All edition of The Bachelor: she became relatable – nay, enviable. While we once wondered whether that oddball was even from this planet, we've changed our tune. This girl spent three fourths of a season doing whatever she pleased, crashing interviews, talking to cats, turning onions into pomegranates (and vice versa), imagining betting pools in the accounting department, and saying ridiculous s—t that would absolutely make it to air, because this is America, and in America we like to be entertained by things that look like idiots.

Yes, she stuck out amongst the 20-odd leaking buckets of tears that she was cooped up in a house with, but now, as we're almost at the end, she might be the girl we're rooting for the most. She never cried. She never whined about what other girls were saying about her, or obsessed over a sob story t...

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