The Bachelor Watch: Battle in the Badlands

February 10, 2015 5:01 AM

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The Bachelor Watch: Battle in the Badlands

The Drama, Continued: As Kelsey lies on the floor surrounded by EMTs, the women are very suspicious. As you may recall, Kelsey already had some private one-on-one time with Prince Farming after she snuck into his hotel room. Their suspicions seemed proven when the EMT asked Kelsey if she needed anything, and she asked for Chris. He rushed to her side and swept her off the floor, where she had remained until he could get a good look at how pretty she looked when she was vulnerable. The women were not impressed.

Rose Ceremony, Continued: While Ashley I. cries and whines about Kelsey stealing time with Chris, the Rose Ceremony begins. Jade got the first rose. Kaitlyn, Meghan and Becca, are all called, and Ashley’s screed continues until Chris calls Ashley’s name. Then she starts ranting that she hopes Kelsey...

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