The Bachelor Recap: A Virgin Went Camping, A Princess Went to the Ball, and Ashley S. Went...Somewhere

January 27, 2015 5:59 PM

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While we were off enjoying a day off in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., The Bachelor presented us with a completely freakin' amazing episode of television. There was pig wrestling, goat milking, passive aggressive hot tubbing, wedding crashing, and even a date to Costco (which we were actually weirdly jealous of). Chris even outdoor showered with Jimmy Kimmel. It was quite a good time.

Anyway, this week, some of the ladies got a date where they were going to do "what comes natural." The girls assumed that meant no makeup, which was quite pleasing to Kelsey since, according to her, she's already very natural. Apparently, "natural" actually just meant swimming in a lake and then cam...

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