Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Should I Stay or Should I Go or Should I Stay or Should I Go?

August 23, 2016 3:44 AM

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After talking to Jared, Caila couldn't decide if she wanted to go on the date. She first said she'd stay and hang out with Jared, and then she said she was unsure about her feelings, and then she said she would go on the date, aaaand then she said she'd stay, and then she told Lamp Man she'd go, and then she decided to stay, and then she suddenly decided to go again. She literally changed her mind that many times, and it was amazing.

"That's kinda my MO," she told Lamp Man, and all we can do is imagine what a season of The Bachelorette starring Caila would have been like. (Bad. It would have been bad.)

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