From A to B and Back Again

November 3, 2014 3:02 AM

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From A to B and Back Again

I guess starting episodes of "Homeland" with Carrie and Aayan in bed is a trend now because that's where we're at for the second week in a row this season. The two are really (read: strangely) comfortable with one another and they interact like old lovers. As they laze about in bed, Carrie quizzes Aayan on the new identity he's to take on and she gives him a passport with some money because they're actually going to London. Carrie says they leave that night and Aayan insists that he reclaim his things from school before they catch the flight. As much as Carrie insists that he should just leave it all, Aayan says that it's all he has so she relents. Yup, we're not even five minutes in and I already know that something's going to get really screwed up in this transit plan.

Aayan heads to his medical school, or rather, OLD medical school, to get his limited possessions. While there, his (ex?) girlfriend, Kiran, happens to show up and wants to know where he's going. She's completely perplexed by the whole situation and grills Aayan while he haphazardly throws things int...

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