Axel-In-Charge: In-Depth on "Avengers NOW!" and New Takes on Captain America, Thor and Iron Man

July 18, 2014 9:02 PM

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Alonso: Yep. We just tried to work out the timing so all three would hit within a three-month window. We've got three compelling stories featuring the three core Avengers -- that's something that'd going to get fans' attentions. And at this week's summit we're already seeing how the lives and fates of these characters can overlap to make for compelling stories that no one anticipated.

That's the thing about telling stories in the Marvel Universe. You go to a retreat to discuss a particular story, but it's a detail of that story that gets traction, and an entirely new story gets born in the room. I'm was very excited to see what the the three writers were going to do in their own ...

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