This Awesome Self-Portrait Project Puts the 'Terrific' in 'Hipsterrific'

April 16, 2015 5:39 PM

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This Awesome Self-Portrait Project Puts the 'Terrific' in 'Hipsterrific'

When it came time for Sao Paolo-based photographer and art director Adriano Alarcon to shave the beard he had spent 4 months growing, he didn't waste the opportunity -- he turned it into a portrait project worth laughing at and praising in the same breath.

The project, dubbed Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop, features images of Alarcon with half his beard gone and the other intact; but where there should be just skin, he's instead recreated the missing half of his beard with odd toys, candy, and sometimes even 'bugs' (still candy...).

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