An Autism Mom's Plea: Vaccinate Your Kids

October 10, 2014 10:11 PM

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An Autism Mom's Plea: Vaccinate Your Kids

I have two children. A 4-year-old blonde spitfire with autism named Kate and a 6-year-old delicate darling with various health problems named Grace. So, you see, I have a lot invested in this vaccination argument that has dominated far too much of the Internet these days. For me, the answer is simple. Vaccinate your children. Don't take it from me; take your advice from a board certified physician and not from "something you read on the Internet."

Do I believe that vaccinations caused Kate's autism? No. Not even a little. I would be more apt to believe that "drinking green tea during a full moon when a left handed pitcher threw a no-hitter in July" is the cause. That is how arbitrary some of these suggestions seem to be. There is documented e...

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