What Is the Authenticity of a Work of Art in the Era of 3D?

January 12, 2015 10:57 PM

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Cinema and music piracy on Internet made the columnists bright days while laws and regulations were endlessly issued but often helpless to fight with an economy which was developing. The revolution that is under way in graphic arts is at least as impressive. Tomorrow, every single person shall either own capture-software or 3D printers in order to reproduce the greatest masterpieces of painting and sculpture. The improvement of reproduction goes up to perfection and it is a matter of technological progress, and thus, of time, very little time indeed.

Unless there is a policeman checking every work, the question that arises is the protection of works of art, copyright with regard to the overwhelming technological power of reproduction means. It is also the same matter for artistic fakes and, more generally, for the legitimacy of art world.

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