Astronomers discover double sized super Earth using a ground based telescope

December 17, 2014 7:33 PM

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Astronomers at the Canary Island have detected a super earth orbiting its star only 40 light years away from us with the help of a ground based telescope, one of the first spotting of its kind. Ground based telescopes fail to give highly detailed or clear images due to atmospheric changes and vagaries, due to which space telescopes are preferred over them. Space based telescopes give a much better view because there is no atmosphere up there to blur the images.

No ground based telescope has been able to get a glimpse of planet similar to our own till date. The exoplanet was named 55 Cancri e and is almost double the size of our own planet. That is, almost 16,000 miles in diameter and eight times as massive. Though it still remains tiny if compared to some ...

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