AstraZeneca Heart Drug Brilinta Proved Beneficial in Clinical Trial

March 16, 2015 4:13 AM

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Dr. Kirk Garratt, the director of interventional cardiovascular research for Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, stated “after a heart attack, people are at high risk of another one. We know medicines like Brilinta and low-dose aspirin help lower the risk over a year or so, but this study confirms that continuing dual anti-clotting therapy for up to three years is helpful.” Garratt also mentioned that although with longer treatment the bleeding was higher, the rates observed were not worrisome.

Among the patients who were on twice-a-day 60-mg Brilinta plus aspirin, 7.77 percent suffered adverse cardiovascular events whereas among those in aspirin-only group 9.04 percent suffered the same. This implies a relative risk reduction of 16 percent. The risk reduction for 90-mg Brilinta was found ...

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