"Ascension" Is a December Rarity; It Doesn't Have a Christmas Theme

December 14, 2014 4:05 AM

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"Ascension" is a new mini-series on the Syfy Channel that shows a lot of promise. It is a story about a manned spaceship on a one hundred year journey to a new planet, that is also a murder mystery. Both facets of the show are interesting and so you get the best of both worlds. Whether or not you want to devote three nights to it is up to the individual viewer, but it moves quickly and the story is intriguing.

When the show starts the ship has been in route to the new planet for fifty-one years. People on board the ship have adjusted to the life they have to lead for the most part. However all is not perfect and in the very opening scenes a murder is committed. A young woman is shot and killed. The Captai...

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