The Art of Transformation Is Here!

November 13, 2014 6:57 PM

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There was a time when if you said the name Opa-locka, what came to the minds of anyone not from Opa-locka was drugs, The Triangle and the irony that this small 4.2 mile City also housed the private airport for superstars (remember the Beiber incident?), U.S. Presidents and rich powerful people with private planes. In the 80's, this same airport was the notorious portal for drugs from South America that supplied the infamous Scarface life. Opa-locka became a gateway for illicit drugs because of its proximity to the airport where dealers flew from to a straight shot down local streets. It was an easy route to a main thoroughfare, allowing them to disappear in traffic. The streets became so heavily traveled by dealers that eventually the police surrounded the area with metal barricades to trap cars from going in and out so seamlessly, birthing the neighborhood's nickname "The Triangle", because of the shape the blockades created. Only one way in and one way out.

But how things can come full circle. Today if you call the name Opa-locka you should think art, architecture and design. Opa-locka is poised to be the "next big thing" in South Florida's percolating art community. Actually, it's beyond percolating, it's in a full on boil of excitement and opportunit...

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