The Art of Dialogue: Talking Peace Through #Art4Peace

September 30, 2014 6:57 PM

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The Art of Dialogue: Talking Peace Through #Art4Peace

In an increasingly diverse and conflicted world, more collaborative effort needs to be made towards ensuring open community dialogue towards conflict prevention. There are many diverse paths to pursue peace and yet, art is often an underutilised and overlooked tool in peacebuilding. #ART4PEACE is part of International Alert's Talking Peace Festival launched in September 2014, to mark International Day of Peace. The campaign has been created to encourage greater engagement in peace dialogue through art. The success of the campaign exemplifies the power and potential of arts-based civic dialogue to overcome conflict.

Participants have used multiple mediums to create and express their vision of peace. The art has been displayed in various locations around London, which has helped greater community acknowledgement and support around the nexus of art, culture and conflict transformation.

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