The Art of Collecting | Christa Dowling

August 29, 2014 9:50 PM

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The Art of Collecting | Christa Dowling

It is a much thought about and much discussed subject for we all collect. We collect friends, information, knowledge, experience and sometimes even dreams. This thought is about "collecting art" and how to go about it, maybe we are searching for inspiration. It often is not about money but of the thought of what we may call passion. It is also about the fear of making the wrong decision and spending a certain amount of money on a whim. Yet finding a passion and pursuing it... is part of it and also the joy. A bit of magic is involved and how one reacts to art. It can be a piece of furniture, a book, a play or music... or above all a person which brings out the best in us. A room with beautifully crafted pieces of furniture, a character in a story makes us want to know him or her. The voice of an actor moves us to be near. Music has a magical influence on our well-being and gives us joy. Looking at a painting or sculpture touches our deep yearning and helps us to dream.

Paintings and sculptures need to be seen and experienced. Learned about... the artist, what is his or her vision, what life has he or she experienced or has lived! Fundamentally one needs to listen to that inner voice and then to how one reacts to the piece one is looking at. How one sees it! How do...

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