The Art and Power of Film | Darryl Woodard

February 13, 2015 7:31 PM

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The Art and Power of Film | Darryl Woodard

Fairly recently I listened to a woman whose view about movies is this, that it's a waste of time to see any movie more than once no matter how good. Whereas my view is that some films are like a work of art. Museums such as the Louvre simply would not exist if everyone saw a work of art once, and that's it. Therefore, why would anyone even bother decorating their own house with some art, if only planning to look at it just once? That also, can be the power of film.

With the 87th Academy Awards days away, I've already seen the Imitation Game twice. Mostly taking place during World War II, one of my favorite scenes in the film is a conversation scene years after the war, between mathematician Alan Turing, acted by Benedict Cumberbatch, and a detective at a Londo...

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