The Arsenio Hall Show Has Been Cancelled

May 30, 2014 10:21 PM

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The Arsenio Hall Show Has Been Cancelled

Following a well-received appearance on Celebrity Apprentice and a very impressive distrubtion agreement, there was reason for plenty of Arsenio Hall optimism. The affable comedian had conquered late night television back in the day; so, there was no reason to think he wouldn’t be able to find similar success the second time around with The Arsenio Hall Show. Unfortunately, the project just never took off like anyone hoped, and it was officially cancelled today.

Unlike the majority of late night shows, The Arsenio Hall Show ran in most markets at 11 PM. Most observers thought that timeslot would give him a jump on most of his competitors who don’t start until 11:30 or 11:35. At first, the ratings were actually pretty decent too, especially in the younger de...

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