Arrow Recap: There Is a City to Love

January 29, 2015 2:15 PM

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Arrow Recap: There Is a City to Love

Going into this week’s episode, “Midnight City,” it's hard not to think of the insanely catchy M83 song with the same name: “Waiting for a roar / Looking at the mutating skyline / The city is my church / The city is my church.” I don’t know if the episode title is a nod to the French electronic band or not (cue Roy sax solo!), but an almost-religious devotion to one’s metropolis certainly drove a lot of the action this week, as it has since the show’s inception — i.e., you’ve failed this city, etc.

And boy, have we’ve got trouble, right here in Starling City. In the Arrow’s absence, Brick and his goons are wreaking havoc, which prompts the mayor to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the city’s plan for taking him down. For some inexplicable reason, she invites city leaders, including Ray Pal...

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