The Armenian Diaspora Remembers And Mourns

April 25, 2015 9:06 PM

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The 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide was marked by commemorations across the world this week. Some of the biggest were in our backyard here at NPR West. Nearly half of the Armenians in the U.S. live in the greater Los Angeles area, and the largest concentration is north of the city in Glendale. Tomik Alexanian is a longtime community leader with the Armenian Society of Los Angeles. He calls this area the capital of the American Diaspora, and thousands have come over the years, with each new family following the other.

TOMIK ALEXANIAN: So the first wave from close to 1980s - early 1980s. And then the second started from 1995. And the third is still continuing from 2002 to present. So just imagine, from a small number of Armenian in Glendale, now we are over probably 100,000 - close to 100,000 Armenians living in G...

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