AP ANALYSIS: Assessing the Gaza war outcome so far

August 6, 2014 6:59 PM

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ISRAEL — Israel didn't give in under Hamas rocket fire and certainly won the war on the ground, although that's hardly an accomplishment for one of the world's strongest militaries fighting militants with no tanks or airplanes. Its "Iron Dome" defense system appears to have been a success, destroying most incoming missiles and reducing the rocket threat to an annoyance. It says it destroyed all of Hamas' 31 attack tunnels burrowed into Israel. Several dozen Israeli soldiers and three of its civilians were killed. If the Palestinian Authority returns to Gaza, Israeli leaders will be pleased. Still, it has not stamped out the rocket threat — Hamas has hundreds left. Even worse, its international image has taken a beating because of the civilian devastation it caused in Gaza, and a war crimes investigation is not out of the question.

HAMAS — The militants were massively outmatched and fired substantial rockets at Israel's main cities for a month — something not seen since Iraq's Saddam Hussein unleashed Scuds during the first Gulf War. Hamas is part of the discourse again, after a period of feeling isolated and abandoned; now it...

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