Anorexia, Anxiety and Letting Go

October 2, 2014 12:12 PM

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Anorexia, Anxiety and Letting Go

I let anorexia rule my world for about eight years. For me, it ended up being more about anxiety, and a way of dealing with it, than anything else, and it's been amazing to not have either dictate my behavior for a while now. I think many of us struggle with similar things, so I wrote this in case it's of help to those who do. And hopefully to shed a little light on eating and anxiety disorders for those who don't have a personal experience of them.

Anorexia is addiction. It's habit, it's your body actually adapting to the new rules you've set for it, and it's fear -- absolute terror sometimes -- at the thought of letting it go. It's a structure to live your life around, a token sense of movement when you feel stuck in other ways. It is about h...

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