Anne Hathaway in 'Grounded': Theater Review

April 27, 2015 1:10 AM

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The stage directions in George Brant's intense theatrical monologue, Grounded, call for sound and lighting design to reinforce the mental landscape of the protagonist and feed a growing sense of unease throughout. Director Julie Taymor follows that cue with a densely complex visual and sonic field appropriate to this drama about the disorienting effects of long-distance combat on an American fighter pilot reassigned to drone operation. And Anne Hathaway plays against type with grit and conviction as the tough Iraq veteran steadily unraveling. So why doesn't this impressive production pack more of an emotional wallop?

That's possibly because the technical wizardry and star power expose the limitations of the play. This is a performance piece that focuses on the personal drama of one woman's psychological struggle in the dehumanizing world of joystick warfare, while reflecting only obliquely on its political and m...

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