Angelina Jolie Did The Impossible And Broke Unbroken

December 23, 2014 7:10 PM

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I left the theater after seeing Unbroken in awe of Louis Zamperini. Not only did the man compete at the Olympics, but he also survived unfathomable conditions in a Japanese POW camp. That accomplishment’s made even more incredible by the fact that prior to being taken prisoner, he survived 47 days at sea in a small raft after his plane crashed into the ocean. 47 days! I don’t think anyone could watch his story unfold and not feel like you’re learning about a real life superhero.

With that said, the movie fell flat. Despite being an incredible true story that seemed perfect for a big screen adaptation (as well as ripe for awards season), it didn’t work. And for that I blame the director, Angelina Jolie. With so much fascinating material to choose from, she focused on the har...

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