Ancient NASA ISEE-3 spacecraft set to be rebooted, made useful again

May 22, 2014 1:25 PM

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A crowd-funding campaign on the website RocketHub has successfully reached its $125,000 goal, and in so doing sets the stage for probably the most ambitious amateur space project ever. The proposal would reboot the now-ancient International Sun-Earth Explorer 3 (ISEE-3) satellite, awakening its engines for the first time in decades. There is still a stretch funding goal on the table, and if reached it will allow the team to rent time with NASA’s Deep Space Network of satellites. So, why do they want to reawaken this old sun-bound explorer?

Basically, because there’s too much waste in space. We have a whole (unofficial) orbit called the graveyard area dedicated to housing our cast-off space technology, but arguably most of what’s in there could still be in use today. After all, while a telescope or central brain might become outdated p...

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