Amy Poehler Says What We're All Thinking About Art World Pretensions

August 18, 2014 7:44 PM

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It went like this... [Joyce walks into the dining room, where she gawks at a very colorful, huge painting of a half-naked blonde woman, kneeling in the grass and touching herself.] Joyce: Jesus. You live with that? [Tina looks at the painting.] Tina: Yeah. It's Lisa Yuskavage. She's one of Bette's favorite painters. Joyce: What's a thing like that worth? Tina: A lot, I guess. But Bette bought it before she got famous.

In 2010 Banksy made his mark on the Simpsons' opening credits, in which all of Springfield was tagged by the notorious street art bandit. He also depicted sweat shop workers painting the TV's animation, a jab at the show's outsourcing to Korea.

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